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Living in a Blue World

Here's the rest of the card Kat gave me:
See Kat take Bill to Blue Man Group
See Bill faint.
Faint, Bill, Faint!
See Kat point and laugh!

Yes, Kat took me to see Blue Man Group at the Astor Place Theater. It is a tiny theater (somewhere around 200 people), so naturally it was a very intimate performance.

OK, let me just say it:

I've listened to both of their albums enough so I have them memorized. Seeing them live was a hundred times better. I knew a little about them from the albums, from living in the New York area in the early 90s, and from the Intel commercials. They were all of that and a LOT more.

I'll enter more tomorrow. Kat couldn't sleep Thursday becuase she was so excited about the surprise to come, and Firday night was the usual uneasiness about being in a strange bed (that, and she had a phantom cat walking on her at 7 in the morning). Kat's last words to me before drifting off to sleep were "Wake me and DIE!"
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