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Well, shit

Payroll just paid me a visit. Apparently on my last two paychecks (my first two paychecks from my new job), someone else's expense reimbursements were included in my pay. It's not my money, so they are going to take it back.

However, they were going to take it all back in one fell swoop from my next paycheck. That would have been a $1000 chunk, which wouldn't have left me with enough money to make a car payment, let alone the rest of my bills. After talking to them, they said they will take it out the same way it came in: take the 3/15 payment out of the 4/15 check, and the 3/31 payment out of the 4/30 check.

I guess I should have noticed this earlier, but 3/15 was my first paycheck, so I didn't have a benchmark to go against. After that, I got an electronic paycheck, and I didn't look at the paystub online, just at the net amount deposited into my bank account. You bet your sweet ass I'll be looking from now on.
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