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Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

3 months in

It's three months into the new year. Let's see how my resolutions are holding up.

Lose 30 pounds and/or 3-4 inches off my waistline by June 15.
I was doing OK for a while, but March was a reallly tough month for me. I started a new job, and just have not had the energy or motivation to go to the gym. I've also been eating like a pig. They don't make it easy. Free soda at work, breakfast on Friday mornings, company parties every other week, and bowls of candy and granola bars at meeting and training classes. My good eating habits of yogurt, counting calories and lots of water have just gone out the window.
I'm hoping to make a comeback, however. Last week, Kat and I started on Weight Watchers. I'm going to bring my gym bag with me this week, and try to get to the gym at least twice. Warmer weather also means more time outside riding my bike, so that should help.

Be able to ride a half-century (50 miles) on my bike, preferably by June 30.
So far, a spectacular failure. Other than a half-assed ride around the neighborhood, I haven't ridden my bike once. Kat and I have put the kaibosh on riding our bikes through Europe, at least this year. I need to start bringing my bike with me and start riding my bike after work. Even if it's just a half-hour on the Monon Trail, it's better then nothing.

Be able to do 40-50 situps at a time.
Haven't done a one in over a month.

Pay off the station wagon in total.
Next payment is due this week. One more month closer.

Get my credit card balances below $3000 each.
Slow and steady.

Have a real job, with proper benefits.
Finally, a success. On March 1, I started a new job at Aprimo. Benefits out the wazoo, including stock options, a retirement plan, and great health benefits should Kat's insurance siutation changes.

Have at least one Microsoft certification.
Actually, it's gotten a lot easier. Now that I know what technology my employer is using (C#), I can focus my attention on that.

Volunteer at least once a month at a local organization (library, shelter, civic organization).
Starting April 17, I will be volunteering with the Southside Animal Shelter. I'm starting off working with someone at the weekly adoption drives at PetCo.

Go to synagogue at least once a month (twice a month if it's the Friday services).
Haven't been to synagogue since June.

Get up by 7:00, and be to bed by 10:00 (with appropriate exceptions).
Actually, this will be shifting by a half-hour or so. My job schedule is 9am to 6pm, and Kat's is 9am to 7pm. If we go to bed by 10:30 and get up by 7:30, we'll be cool.

Save enough money for a new computer or a major overhaul of my existing system.
Kat bought a new Toshiba laptop in February, and is paying it off over time, no interest. Plus, my employer provides me with a laptop whihc I can take home. Once I get the wireless network settings on it figured out, I'm all set.

Read one book a month. It can be fiction, but not schlock. Preferably history, religion, or job-related.
I've been reading books on cycling, and I'll be concentrating on programming books and books on London and England for the next few months.

Quit biting my nails.
Not doing so well. My nails are a wreck.

Cut back my TV watching.
Well, we finally cut the cable. We've got OK reception on three or four channels, and crappy reception on a few more. We'll be watching a lot more DVDs, and hopefully spending a lot more evenings with the TV turned off.

All in all, not a stellar performance. I'll just have to put the failures behind me and try to do in 9 months what I couldn't do in 12.
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