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New Jersey, by way of Chicago

Went out to visit my family in north Jersey. We drove part of the way Thursday evening, got a hotel in Columbus OH, and drove the rest of the way Friday. Kat had her laptop with the DVD drive, so while I drove, she watched Chicago on DVD.

and watched it

and watched it

I like a good musical as much as the next guy, but by the end of the weekend, I was sick to death of that movie. I have had the musical numbers running through my head, and just when they were done, Kat would hum a few bars or make a reference to a lyric. I think I'm going to "lose" the DVD for a few months. That, and change her computer's startup sound to "It's a Small World After All"

The visit to Jersey wasn't too bad, but it just reminds me why I moved 700 miles away, and why I miss diners and pizzarias so much: they're better than my mom's and sister's cooking.

Next time, instead of sleeping in my sister's old bedroom, we're staying in NYC or Philly, and just having lunch or dinner with my family, preferably at a restaurant of our choosing.
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