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A good week so far

Two items of note:

On Monday, I read an e-mail from King Dickhead, saying that we could pick up the van at any time. YES! SUCCESS!! I think the best part was the following line: "It took a while to convince certain people that this was the best course of action to solve the problem." Translation: Queen Cuntbreath pitched a fit until King Dickhead told her to shut the hell up!

Today was my company's quarterly meeting (if you're interested, NASDAQ symbol MTMS). I can't say too much about the financials, but I still have a job, and look to have one for quite a while. The best part was that it was also the company president's 50th birthday. We had balloons, noisemakers, cake, and just as he was about to begin his presentation, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator walked in and serenaded him. Not too bad looking, either, although she looked more like a blonde Cindy Crawford.

Finally, I added some new friends to my list. To Cinder, JelloBabe, Psymonetta, and PunkRockHottie, welcome to my journal. I hope you don't mind me "friending" you, but I read your journals and profiles, and you sound like people (you are people, aren't you) that I want to read about. HOOPLA!
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