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Work sucks. I hate working in a support department. I want to be a code jockey again, get back to designing and debugging programs instead of chasing my tail on technical issues that have no positive impact on the bottom line.

LEss than a week until England. I've been reading British History for Dummies. I'm starting to feel like a Paul Simon song ("Kodachrome"). I have four days to get a passing knowledge of the last four and a half centuries, from Oliver Cromwell to Tony Blair.

Saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban Saturday night..twice. Went to the drive in, and normally you can go from screen to screen, letting you see two or three different movies in one night. Becuase of the crowds for Harry Potter, Shrek, Van Helsing, and Day After Tomorrow, they wouldn't let us change screens. So we had to sit through the Olsen Twins movie (thankfully short) and saw HP again. This time, I let Kat geek out (a nice role reversal) and explain all the stuff from the books that they left out of the movie. Didn't get home until 3:00.

PS - important safety tip: remember to turn the key to accessory-only (position 1) instead of power (position 2) when you want to listen to the radio at the drive-in. The first one won't drain your battery. The second one will. Good thing they have a jumpstart kit at the snack bar.

Sleep is NOT overrated.

Homeowner's association meeting tonight. Kat, if you read this before I get home, put the Belvedere in the freezer. I'm gonna need it.
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