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Didn't bring my lunch today, so I decided to go out. As I drove down the road, all I saw was fast food, fast food, fast food. I wanted to sit someplace, relax, read a book. I saw a Chinese restaurant with a lunch buffet, so I figured "what the hell".

BIG mistake.

First off, the restaurant was Korean, not Chinese. As a result, a lot of the familiar dishes I was expecting were not there.

Second, the owners tried to compensate by making approximations of Chinese food. The end result was not too good.

The buffet had a bunch of half-emtpy steam trays, food sitting in some unidentifiable brown sauce, and not a lot that was appealing. I would up having some sesame chicken that had almlost no sesame in a sauce that was much too sweet. The crab rangoon was not very fresh, they only had pork fried rice (no white rice), and there were some wontons that looked and tasted like meat-filled pierogies. I think my half-Korean, half-Polish roommate 10+ years ago made something like that.

Now lunch is sitting on my stomach like a lead weight. I'll be lucky if I don't hurl it back up later.

On the bright side, less than 4 1/2 hours until my vacation starts.
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