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One of our cleints is United International Pictures, which is the European distribution arm of Dreamworks, Universal, and Paramount Pictures. We must have done something they like, becuase they sent us about a dozen movie posters of new and coming-soon movies. Among them are The Stepford Wives, the Spongebob Squarepants Movie, and an animated movie called Shark Tale. Over lunch last week, they put the posters on the cubicle walls, so each person gets to look at a movie poster instead of a grey cloth prison cell.

There must have been a little bribery behind my back, becuase the guy next to me gets to stare at Nicole Kidman, and I have my choice of a sponge in his underwear or some funky fish. Hell, I would've been happier with the poster for The Terminal. At least Tom Hanks is human (or is he?)
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