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Call me unpatriotic, but I have absolutely no interest in the Olympics. I missed the opening ceremonies (sorry Kat), and traditionally that is the only part of the games that I watch at all. US Basketball is an embarassment (and half those guys shouldn't even be playing; I cried when they opened the games up to NBA players), Aqualad Phelpes is no longer relevant, and most of the sports are actually pretty boring to watch. I hope NBC loses their shirt, and realizes that the Olympic Games just aren't relevant anymore, and people would much rather watch yet another rerun of Law and Order.

The best part is the pictures-of-the-day that Yahoo puts on their page. Brazilian women in oh-so-tight shorts patting each other on the ass, a shot of a female water polo player's asscheeks in an even-tighter swimsuit, or two Greek male swimmers in so-tight-I-can-see-if-he's-circumsized swimwear hugging each other is about the extent of coverage I can stand.
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