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Now it's time for Stupid MuthaFuckas in the News:

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- Allen County Sheriff Jim Herman decided to take one of the department's new motorcycles for a test ride. It will end up costing him more than $1,700.

That's because Herman doesn't have a license to drive a motorcycle and got a $105 ticket. And Herman crashed the $13,500 motorcycle and will need to pay $1,600 for repairs.

...One of the Harley-Davidson police motorcycles was brought to Herman's home on July 14. Herman, who has driven motorcycles only occasionally in the past, said he rode it around his home for a short time before deciding he was ready to try it out on the road.

...The sheriff traveled about a half-mile when the wheels hit a patch of gravel, he said. The motorcycle slammed into a guardrail and was heavily damaged.

...[A]n initial estimate [of the damage] came in around $1,600, which Herman plans to pay out of his own pocket.

This has been Stupid MuthaFuckas in the News!
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