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Round Three

It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means:


The symphony is warming up; the opponents are in their corners, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME POLITICS!

OK, no bulge in Bush’s jacket. I guess he’s going to wait until after the debate before listening to the Yankees game.

Bush has a hot mike. He’s getting some echo and feedback. Watch the GOP cry foul in the post-game show.

Ouch, Bush just left himself wide open. In talking about the flu vaccine, he has flat out said that they will be importing medicine from Canada. I guess if you’re a senior citizen, you don’t need cheap medicine, unless it will embarrass the administration if you don’t get it.

Cripes, here we go with the blank stare, stone face, and the synchronized blinking.

Bush talks about the tax gap being shouldered by the middle class, and then they move on to the next question. You just KNOW Kerry will be coming back to that point.

Going to a community college is not going to help someone who has worked at the same job for 15 or 20 years, then gets laid off because the factory is closing and moving to Mexico. Close the damn tax loopholes, and encourage innovation to allow skilled veteran workers to transition to new jobs within their industry. So many businesses in Indiana have closed in the past few years, we are consistently in the basement for job growth.

YES!!! A Sopranos reference!

When Bush smiles, all I think about is the love child of Alfred E. Neumann.

They may have increased the NUMBER of Pell grants, but the VALUE of each grant has gone down. Kerry was trying to explain that, and Bush has just broken format. He interrupted Kerry during his discussion of the Pell grants.

I am sick to death of the gay marriage rhetoric. The government MUST provide legal recognition of same-sex couples, and they must accord the relationship the same rights AND RESPONSIBILITIES as male-female marriage. Call it a civil union, call it a partnership, call it anything you want if the term “marriage” is such a hot button, but for God’s sake, get it done nationwide NOW!

Kerry is channeling JFK.

Here he goes again with maternity group homes. I decided to look them up here , and it’s pretty much what I thought it was, a halfway house for unwed mothers.

See my earlier comments about Canadian drug importation. Open the borders and let the US get access. We’re importing them from Canada, for cripes sake, not some third world country.

Nice little slam on CBS, Georgie boy.

If you’re going to talk about other countries with nationalized health care, name names. Besides, the federal health program should be the minimum for basic services. It’s not going to be the same level as private health care, but for some people it’s all they’ve got. Allow people who can afford it and who want it to buy private supplemental insurance.

I’m not one to talk about retirement planning, but informed individuals should be able to take some of their Social Security money and invest it for themselves. You also don’t do this all at once. Phase it in over 10 or 12 years, and do something to improve the rate of return on government-run funds.

The economy is finally recovering DESPITE Bush. Bush just recited a litany of failures on his part.

Temporary worker cards WILL NOT WORK. Once the card expires, there is nothing to prevent the person from disappearing in their community and the rest of the nation. I do agree with Bush that there should not be amnesty for illegal aliens. We need to tighten our borders against illegal entry, but at the same time make it much easier for legal applicants to come to America. Work with other nations to allow freer access, but to also punish criminal behavior.

(debate was interrupted by dogplay. Good doggies, now go lie down. The dumbass Republican is speaking)

Kerry was just talking about the loss of after-school programs for kids. We saw that here when the downtown YMCA and the Westside Boys and Girls Club closed, putting 900 kids out.

These yahoos keep talking about tax cuts. WHY? Keep the tax level as it is, or equalize it across the brackets. Minimize the tax gap by not creating one in the first place. I’m a prime example of what happens when you spend money you don’t have, and plan for an increase in income which may or may not happen.

Oh goody, let’s talk about guns! When the assault weapon ban expired, I genuinely shed a tear. If it wasn’t for those damn guns, a good cop in Indianapolis would still be alive. Bush is right about one thing: prosecute, prosecute, And PROSECUTE! Give the gun shop owners and the law enforcement officers the power to stop guns from getting in the wrong hands, and enforce the laws on the books to the fullest extent. NO PLEA BARGAINS!

No more affirmative action laws! Get rid of the reverse racism. Yes, there were injustices in the past, but you’re not going to make them go away by practicing a different form of discrimination. Level the playing field for the future.

“Armies of compassion.” Great, another name for evangelists. The more Christians try to preach to me, the more I want to shove a cross up their ass. The most hypocritical actions I have ever seen are from people who claim to be acting in the name of God. I’ve been there, and while I’m not necessarily ashamed of some of the things I did during my Bible-thumping days, I sure was misguided on a lot of things.

First he calls Kerry the worst liberal in the mold of Ted Kennedy, then he praises him for working with him on the No Child Left Behind bill. You can’t have it both ways, dumbo.

“She speaks English a lot better than I do.” Hell, a high school dropout speaks English better than you!

I probably have said it before, but it bears repeating: Laura Bush looks like Jack Nicholson as the Joker.

The two clichés that every president or candidate uses that drive me up a tree:
“My fellow Americans” – it sounds hackneyed, and nobody says it better than Dick Nixon.
“God Bless the United States of America” – God is not an American, and I sure as hell don’t expect us to bless us and curse our enemies. IF they must invoke God, I prefer “God protect all the people of our nation”

Neither of their closing statements was very impressive, and I can’t tell if there was a clear winner. I think Kerry has a hard three weeks ahead of him, but it’s doable.
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