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Eight and oh, baby!

Some thoughts on last night's spanking of the Patriots at the hands of the Colts:

Hey, Dennis Quaid. HUMP THIS!

This is the first game in a long time that Madden hasn't said something incredibly stupid. His regular inane chatter was quite enough for me.

What in the blue hell was Flutie trying to do in those last few minutes? Face it, Dougie boy, you were put in to keep Tom "Don't call me Greg" Brady from hurting himself. Don't try to showboat when the game is lost. (Although I'm sure the Colts defense was glad he was in, especially with that last-second sack and fumble to pad their statistics).

It really galls me to read some of the national press covering the game. According to them, the Colts didn't beat the Pats as much as the Pats let themselves lose. They weren't up to full strength, they have been struggling all year, the Colts of this year couldn't beat the Patriots of last year. Blah, blah, blah.

To all of the Patriots fans: SCOREBOARD, BABY! In just about every statistic (yards, time of possession, total points), the Colts bested you by a 2 for 1 margin. You lost. Accept it. Last night, you were Indy's bitch. Don't try to make excuses (for crying out loud, you had Tedy back, and still couldn't stop the run or pass). Just take your lumps. Sorry if I sound like I'm pissing all over you, but if you didn't try some stupid onside kick, pull some bullshit red-flag challenge on a 2-point conversion, or let the oldest player in the league stink up the place, I might have some respect for you in the morning.

Finally, the highlight of the night was the little MasterCard commercial parody:
New contract: $25 million
Endorsements: $10 million
Winning in Foxborough: PRICELESS!
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