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After making my way home through the snowstorm last night (a 3 hour trip), Kat decided she wanted to go out to Denny's for dinner. We plowed our way through and walked into a fairly deserted restaurant.

Deserted, that is, except for the person sitting by the door talking to herself.

We're not just talking about thinking out loud here. This woman was carrying on full-fledged discussions with at least two other people. It was like listening to one side of a cellphone conversation, only no phone.

Kat and I, and the wait staff, pretty much ignored her, but she started getting louder and would occasionally jump up from her seat. I forget the exact phrase she said that eventually prompted the manager to call the police, but I think was something along the line of "If somebody is willing to pay you $50 to suck their dick, then you'd better suck their dick".

When the police showed up, the woman became somewhat more lucid. From what I overheard, she lived up in Lawrence, a northeast suburb of Indianapolis. We were in Greenwood, which is south of the Indianapolis city limits. The Greenwood police officer could not drive her all the way to Lawrence, but he could take her to a Steak and Shake that was about 2 miles north of the Greenwood/Indianapolis border.

In other words, he just wnated to get her out of his jurisdiction, and let the Indy cops deal with her.

Who knew Denny's offered dinner theater?
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