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Most of these are the complete opposite of the usual resolutions, but what the new year demands is realistic goals, not idealism.

Drink more - Kat bought me a bottle of Chopin vodka early last year, and I still have half of it left. For Christmas, she gave me a Grey Goose gift set with two bottles. Our friend Ron is a wine afficionado, and gave me what I am sure are two very nice bottles of riesling. Life is too short to let it all sit on a shelf.

Eat ourselves out of house and home - we have a chest freezer literally crammed full of frozen meals, bread, and leftovers, some of them more than a year and a half old. Likewise, our pantry is stacked to the ceiling with soup, dry goods, and somewhere around two dozen boxes of breakfast cereal. We could probably go two or three months without going to the grocery store or going out to eat. It's about time I started to pull my weight and cook Kat dinner for a change. Pasta, grilled chicken, and microwave meals are pretty much all I know how to make, so I hope she'll be patient with me until I can expand my recipe repertoire.

Sleep more - I've been going to bed at 2:00 or later for the last week and half. Granted, I've been on vacation, but even when I'm working, I'm usually up until midnight or later watching South Park or the news. I dont' fall asleep until 12:30 or so. Lately, my snoring will keep Kat awake, so around 1:00 I'll move to the floor or into the spare room. On a good day, I'll get up for work around 7:00. On a not-so-good day, I'll hit snooze until 7:30 or later. Six hours of sleep means I'm driving to work through half-open eyes, and my ass will be dragging in the office until lunchtime. If I can just get to bed an hour earlier, I can get up at my usual 7:00 a lot more refreshed. I may even be able to wake up at 6:45 once in a while and make it to the gym.

Spend more time on my knees - no, this is not some sort of sick plan to brown-nose more often at work, or to take up blow jobs as a way to earn beer money. As some of you know (but most of you don't), I've been attending religious education classes at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. I am 90% sure that I will convert, but I just don't know when. However, I am going to try to cultivate some good habits. That includes going to Mass at least three weeks a month (Saturday evening or Sunday morning), and learning the prayers of the Rosary and saying the Rosary at least once a week. The nice thing is, I have a lifetime to work on this one.

Watch less TV, and more time staring at the computer screen - That goes along with the "sleep more" resolution. If I can manage to find the "off" switch on the TV remote by 11:00, it will make it a lot easier to get to bed earlier. Fooball season is almost over (although some would say it has just begun), and I really don't give a wet slap about other sports. That means that from mid-February to the beginning of September, I couldn't care less what's on TV on Sunday afternoon. Instead, I'll be watching a lot more DVDs (I think I have about a dozen box sets that still have the shrink wrap on, and I've got about that many on a waiting list at the library). I've gotten into the habit of watching movies on my computer, using the time-compression feature to watch them at 50% faster speed. Finally, I really, REALLY need to spend more time brushing up my skills with Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server 2005. I've got the Express versions installed, and I have two NFR (not for resale) copies of each from a Microsoft conference. I'd like to be able to get good enough to at least consider taking a certification exam by the end of the year.

Buy more clothes - if I phrase it that way instead of "diet, exercise, lose weight", then it sounds a lot easier to accomplish. Plus, I really don't like to buy clothes when there are so many other things I need to spend my money on (like credit cards, car loans, medical bills, dental bills, plane tickets, hotels, books, tuition, and home improvement), so if I'm buying clothes, it means that other stuff is taken care of and I can afford to refresh my wardrobe with something other than khakis, sweatshirts, and Goodwill specials.

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