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Another reason to be ashamed to be a Hoosier

Bosses at an Indiana TV station posted security outside their studios on Friday night after receiving death threats for airing controversial new religious drama Book Of Daniel.
Executives at Warner Brothers' [Terre Haute, IN] affiliate WB42 picked up the show about a drug addicted Episcopalian minister - played by Aidan Quinn - and aired the debut on Friday night after rival network WTWO dumped the show.
Furious viewers, who had not seen the show, then bombarded the station with complaints about the content of the new drama, which features visions of Jesus Christ, drug dealing, alcoholism and gay storylines.
WB42 station manager Gary Robbins says, "We've had hate mail, we've had hate phone calls... but there's no profanity in this show, there's no indecency, there's no nudity."
Meanwhile, the cast of the show are baffled by the outrage their show is causing. Quinn states, "It's not nearly as controversial as it's being made out to be."

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Folks, this is a TV SHOW! A work of FICTION! It's the flipside of "Seventh Heaven", showing all of the vices that humans are subject to. Think about it: which is worse, a fictional pastor with a drug problem, or real-life priests with a penchant for buggery?
As far as having conversations with Jesus, "Joan of Arcadia" and the "Oh God" movies did it first.
I didn't get a chance to watch it, but unless it shows Jesus Christ and Mary Magdeline fucking in front of the church, I can't imagine it is all that bad.
If anyone has seen this show, then please give me your personal review.
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