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At 8:30 this morning, I decided I wanted to go to New Jersey.
This is not a trivial matter, seeing as how I am living in Indiana.

A few quick phone calls between Kat and I, and we're all set.

We're driving out tonight, and should arrive at my mom's place sometime around 8:00 tomorrow morning.
Saturday and/or Sunday, one or both of us are going into New York City (museums galore), and while Kat is away, I'll be having a heart-to-heart talk with Mom about my decision to convert to Catholicism.
We'll probably have an early dinner with Mom on Sunday, and we're heading back to Indy early Sunday evening.

Did I mention I have to be at work Monday morning, and it's a shirt-and-tie day?

152 days until European Vacation
352 days until 2007
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