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I just made the biggest ass of myself

I was looking through my email and got to the local business journal's daily digest of business news, dated January 24. (look at the calendar; that's today).
The top business story of the day was that a local software company, whose VP and several developers I worked with at a former job, added amost 1000 new customers, bringing their total customer base to about 3000.

Since I have been trying to keep in touch with this company (hedging my bets when and if I need to hit them up for a job), I wrote a quick congratulatory message, referencing the numbers in the article, and sent it off.

After I sent the message, I returned to the business journal digest. As I scrolled down and read the headlines for other stories, I realized that I had just made a HUGE mistake.

In addition to the usual generic business articles, there were some breif national headlines.
Here were the two that tipped me off:
Florida law keeping comatose woman alive not reinstated
Johnny Carson tributes flow

The business email was dated January 24, 2005. I had just sent an email congratulating them on year-old news!

After silently moaning in horror (well, not so silently, according to my cube mate), I dashed off another email explaining my blunder, but in an effort to cover my ass, said that if they did that well by January 2005, that they must be doing even better by January 2006.

Whatever good will I had with that company just got flushed down the toilet, and since these are people I know and who know me, they'll remember this for a long time.
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