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God, my ass is dragging

Had a busy weekend. I don't remember what I did Friday night. Oh, yes I do. We watched "Fight Club" on cable. That is such a kickass movie. I still don't know why it didn't get noticed by the Academy Awards committee.

I woke up Saturday at 6:00, since Kat had to be at work by 7:00. I think I stuck the dogs out for a few minutes, and after Kat left for work, I put the dogs away and went back to bed for a few hours. James came over at noon, and we worked on the Volvo for a few hours (tune up). Couldn't do the fuel filter, however. We pulled the fuel pump and fuel filter fuses and let the car idle for about 10 minutes, but the dam thing wouldn't die. James didn't want to get sprayed with pressurized gasoline, and neither did I. As we were letting the car down, we forgot that we had taken off the emergency brake, and the car fell of the jack. Fortunately, no one was under the car, and the only damage was a broken jack. After I cleaned up, I went up the college to keep Kat company for a little bit. Later, after she got home, we went out to Outback for dinner, then picked up some stuff at Target.

Sunday was a physically exhausting day. I drove Kat to work, then went for a "little" bike ride. I don't know if 25 miles could be considered a little ride. I'm sure some people would consider it a walk in the park. I wish I was in better shape to where I wouldn't blink at 25 miles, but I'm not. Anyway, after the ride, I went home, relaxed for about an hour, then cut the grass with the push mower. By the time I picked Kat up, I was physically drained, but it felt good, like I had finally accomplished something instead of sitting on my butt all weekend. After stopping at home for a few minutes so we could change clothes, we went to Meijer. What I thought (hoped) would be a 45 minute trip dragged out to nearly 2 hours. It wasn't a big deal; the only thing I had planned was a nice soak in the tub. I shouldn't complain, since I got a new pair of sneakers out of the trip. I guess I just hadn't expected to do a long grocery shopping trip.

Now I'm at work, and I am beat. I've only been here for about 90 minutes, and I'm already dog tired. I almost had a cup of coffee, but I've been so good for so long, I didn't want to get back into that habit now.
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