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Couldn't they leave evil enough alone?

I just read that they are making a sequel movie to American Psycho. This one is centered on one of the original's killers victims that didn't die. Now she's on a killing spree.

Goddammmit! I loved that movie! Between Wall Street and this movie, it was the perfect evisceration of the 1980's "greed is good, style instead of substance" lifestyle. One shows how the Sun Tzu-Machiavelli bullshit philosophy fails in the long run (a lesson that we are learning all over again with the tech stock crash), and the other really makes you question just how far perfect skin, a great job, and a complete lack of morality will get you, if it comes at the expense of your sense of reality.

Now they're going to try to bring it into the 21st century, losing all of the subtlety of the original. This one is a guaranteed stinker. Two of it's stars are Geriant Wyn Davies (Airwolf, Forever Knight) and William Fucking Shatner! Kill me now!
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