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A redneck moment

Once again, I am convinced I am the world's biggest dumbass.

I was cutting the grass, and went to reach under the side discharge cover to clear something out. I had let go of the throttle handle, but the mower blade had NOT QUITE stopped spinning.

Yep, you guessed it. SLICE!

I managed to mow off a pretty good chunk of skin and muscle tissue on my right middle finger, and also managed to spray blood all over my shirt, jeans, face, and glasses.

The truth is, once I washed off the wound and wrapped it in a towel, the bleeding stopped pretty fast. It didn't hurt very much, just a sort of twinge. If it didn't look so grotesque, I wouldn't have gone to the emergency room...but it did, and so I went.

Four hours later, I have a middle finger wrapped up like a weenie tot in a blanket, a prescription for antibiotics, and a flight to catch in four and a half hours to Nantucket, MA for business. Thank heavens Starbucks is covered by my expense account.
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