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For some of you, what I'm about to post isn't news. For others, it's news, but not a surprise.

Kat and I are getting divorced.

I won't go into all of the details, but the basics are this: Kat wants children, and I don't. It took us almost ten years of marriage to finally be open and honest with each other about this (among other things), and we realized that we really shouldn't be married. If you really want to know more, contact me outside of LJ and I'll give you a more complete picture.

Once we got past the initial shock and disbelief that our marriage was over, things have proceeded relatively painlessly. We're handling the civil divorce through a mutual friend (ironically, the same man who married us), and once that's finalized, we'll start the annullment process. If there are no major objections from the courts or the Vatican, we should be legally divorced by October, and annuled within a year or two.

Neither of us wants to "stick it" to the other person. We are still great friends with each other; in fact, we're probably better friends now that we've ever been, and can talk to each other without holding anything back. In the short term, we're probably going to stay geographically close to each other, and have joint custody of the pets :)

It's not the end of the world. If anything, it's the chance for each of us to get something resembling a fresh start.
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