Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
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I've just returned from lunch. I am sitting at my desk, staring vacantly at the Word document I'm writing, and thinking that I would like to be anywhere but here. People are talking, office machinery is being installed, the office is fairly active, and I feel like I'm stranded on a desert island. What the hell am I doing here? Literally. I'm having a brain-fog moment, and I just can't focus on simple things like typing, reading, or thinking about my next task. I'm going around and around in circles.

I am picturing myself sitting somewhere, the smell of incense and flowers, a gentle breeze blowing, soft music paying somewhere in the background. Maybe there's a stream of cool, clear water nearby, or a fountain. I'm sitting quietly, serene. No deadlines, no inane chatter, just tranquility.
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