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HEr ein Indianapolis, there is a free magazine targeted for men called "Indy Men's Magazine"

This month, here is what the cover looked like:

IMM July 2006 IMM July 2006

Cover of Indy Men's Magazine, July 2006

The subtitle reads "Everything you need to know about finding a new best friend."

I happened to have a copy of this magazine on my desk. While I was in a meeting, someone wrote a sticky note and stuck it on the cover: "Do you really think this is appropriate in the workplace?"

How friggin' petty can people get?

UPDATE: I found the person who left the note. She did not intend for it to be taken seriously at all, but just wanted to wind me up. With all the hub-bub about Vince's departure, she just forgot to mention it to me until today. No harm, no foul.
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