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Sometimes, I really hate being tall.

I need to buy some new pants. Specifically, I need a pair of khaki slacks (Dockers-style), 38 inch waist, 36 inch inseam. Rather than run around the mall in what is usually a fruitless search, I figured I'd check out some of the stores' websites and order online. I've learned not to be too picky about color, manufacturer, or flat-front vs. pleated; I'm just trying to find something in my size.

NOBODY carries pants in that size.

Not Macy's.
Not JCPenney.
Not Kohls.
Not Target.


Either the pants are too short (usually stop at 34, except for Penney's who offers an unfinished hem), or the waist is too big (the big-and-tall sizes usually start at a 46 inch waist).

Why the hell does it have to be so difficult to find a frickin' pair of pants!?
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