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Lunchtime serenade

I was sitting on a park bench during lunch, reading a book. There was the usual background noise (traffic, car radios), including some birds chirping. After a few minutes, I realized that the chirping was actually quite a bit louder than usual. I looked up and realized that there were about a dozen yellow and brown finches sitting on some wildflowers about three feet away, singing up a storm.

I set down my book, and for the next fifteen minutes, watched these birds sing (actually seeing their little beaks open and their little throats expand), pick at the flowers, flit from one stalk to another, sometimes fighting for food or a roost, and generally enjoying a little oasis of nature about ten feet from a busy street. I could start to pick out their individual voices, and laughed a little bit at their antics as they jockeyed for position. I felt a few moments of peace, and was truly grateful for their companionship.

What a great birthday present!
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